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Paperless Choice

A piece of paper doesn't define our relationship.

Committed, yet legally unmarried
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This is a support community, so it is members-only. SEND E-MAIL TO qtchick178@hotmail.com and rainloverinor@yahoo.com IF YOU'D LIKE TO JOIN US! Put paperlesschoice in the subject line so it can get past the spam filters please.
Please answer the following in your application:

1) LJ user name / Real name (if desired)
2) Your situation (how long with your partner, any other details you'd like to add)
3) List at least one reason why you have chosen, will choose, or support those who choose to remain legally unmarried

This community is for those who are in long-term committed relationships who choose to remain legally unmarried. Gay and lesbian couples are welcome. However, this community focuses on the choice to remain legally unmarried, which unfortunately is not a choice most gay and lesbian couples have.

All issues related to legally unmarried status are welcome here. Others may perceive your relationship as less committed because you choose to remain legally unmarried. You may realize that you have certain advantages and certain disadvantages associated with your choice. You may still be struggling with an appropriate title for your partner that signifies your level of commitment. What does your family think? All topics welcome: social, religious, interpersonal, romantic, legal, logistical, familial, etc.

Our greatest resource is the Alternatives to Marriage website.

Flaming will not be tolerated. Voice your opinion without name-calling or derogatory verbiage, please. Violations will result in booting and banning.